Sakamoto Maaya - Okaerinasai (tomatomerde Remix)

  • OSB Level
  • 105
Okaerinasai (tomatomerde Remix)
Sakamoto Maaya
Storyboarded by
  • Mapped by Azer
  • Developed via C#
  • Submitted on May 28, 2014, 4:20 p.m.
Gameplay Enhancement Full Control Particles Audio Visualization Lyrics Wizardry
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There's a real beauty when you perfectly complement the nature of the song with a storyboard that is not disruptive yet endearing. Also be amazed with 11t's freestyling of rapid arrow movements during the break! After this map, you really would want to welcome 11t back for making such a majestic piece. But sadly, it is only a heartbroken farewell.


Okaerinasai 11t 1 Okaerinasai 11t 2 Okaerinasai 11t 3 Okaerinasai 11t 4 Okaerinasai 11t 5 Okaerinasai 11t 6 Okaerinasai 11t 7 Okaerinasai 11t 8 Okaerinasai 11t 9