Osu! Storyboarder Banquet


Welcome to our lovely banquet! Care to dine in and whet your insatiable appetite for visual wizardry on osu!? You can get started by checking out storyboard showcase, or gander at some up on the carousel above or on the YouTube player here. If you're here to learn how to storyboard and program, look no further than our learning resources! And if you want to be a part of the storyboarding commmunity, click here to learn more.

  • We have a grand total of 225 storyboards in our showcase!
  • We also have 101 storyboarders creating these masterpieces.
  • The 5 most popular mediums used to create storyboards are:
    • Storybrew - 56 Storyboards
    • Scripting - 35 Storyboards
    • C# - 24 Storyboards
    • Design Editor - 20 Storyboards
    • Python - 19 Storyboards


Bam! I think we have a site going now. BetaStar and I have been working pretty tirelessly getting storyboards, screenshots, and contents populated on this website. We definitely did our darnedest to bring you a really cool webfront to not only check out amazing storyboard visual arts in osu!, but also to perhaps learn how to storyboard and get better at programming.

You can check specific updates by visiting the GitHub repo, if you'd like. Otherwise, just make yourself at home and enjoy yourself. Or Hifumi. Or whatever, really.

We now have a dedicated roadmap page! Here you go.