Krewella x Diskord - Beggars (Consouls Remix)

  • OSB Level
  • 70
Beggars (Consouls Remix)
Krewella x Diskord
Storyboarded by
  • Mapped by NeilPerry
  • Developed via Storybrew
  • Submitted on Nov. 20, 2018, 1:43 a.m.
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A simple yet modernistic style storyboard with the classic Voyer Grotesque font (the perfect tech font). Starting from Tochi-, who throught a fully animated background would do the trick, to a fully fledged storyboard done solo. I was kinda proud at the time. And I hope you would to. Source Code:

Coppertine's Comments

My first ranked storyboard, something that took me 2 weeks was really good. The only thing I would have added in is the breakdown. I wanted to do something flashy, but put up the "too much performance and flashiness" excuse. but they didn't care?