SON OF KICK - Hours ft. Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey

  • OSB Level
  • 20
Hours ft. Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey
Storyboarded by
  • Mapped by Irreversible
  • Developed via Other
  • Submitted on Jan. 30, 2015, 6:05 p.m.
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Made with php

Okoratu's Comments

Made the sb on this, syncing whatever is happening up to the song and making the rain excalate alongside the song was a massive pain in the butt at one point i had a complete mapping for the characters of that font and could just write anything i wanted for as long as i felt like into any sb but i lsot the code to do that at 01:26:190 - i remember doing a lot of shenanigans to get the SB load to not go to like 8 because at that point bns just didnt want to rank that the way i did that shit was super stupid though would not recommend anyone to use php in order to generate sb syntax php should not be used to generate anything besides like html or sql lmao.