Introduction to osbpy

Introduction to osbpy

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osbpy is a module developed by Wafu to create osu! storyboards in the Python language. It is downloadable here.

Why should you consider using osbpy for storyboarding?

  • Python is an incredibly lightweight and minimalistic programming language. Its simplicity can allow the user to simply focus on the creation aspect and not need to worry about housekeeping variables and wordy syntax. A cluttered space really contributes to a chaotic mind. Python helps promote rapid development.
  • You have access to Python’s vast libraries of powerful modules. Because osbpy is essentially a module, the rest of Python is vastly available at your fingertips. It is still possible to enjoy the luxuries of popular and strong libraries such as PIL / Pillow, numpy, or even web-based ones such as requests.

While storybrew is the current best medium to develop storyboarding, some computers may be unable to run the program. Furthermore, for those comfortable or interested in Python, osbpy is certainly a respectable choice for taking your storybaords to the next level.

The osbpy section in covers installation, usage, and a few tips to working with osbpy successfully. Be sure to read each section to maximize your productivity in working with this module.

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Storyboarding with Python - osbpy

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