Storyboarding through Programming

Storyboarding through Programming

I Wanna Make Cool Storyboards!


This programming tutorial introduces you to the concepts of programming using storybrew. Please make sure that storybrew is compatible with your computer before trying out this guide. While the contents in this guide can apply to other mediums such as osu!SGL and osbpy, the specific language constructs and convenience features may not be available for you.

When a monumental storyboard makes its way onto osu!, how do you react? Do you react with utter awe and amazement? Or, if you’re a budding storyboarder, do you react with the utterly dreaded thought of, “This is just way above my level. I just cannot do this.” This could be how you feel today, and the reality is that is may very well be true, but! These aren’t literal overnight ventures. What it doesn’t show is the incredible journey and effort it took to get to such a masterpiece. And the good news is that this point is very well attainable. It just takes a lot of diligence and learning.

Sometimes this goal of knowledge acquisition can be really difficult, especially when you have no background in programming at all. It often ends up like a near insurmountable learning curve that can be overwhelming.

The learning curve of programming.

It baffles me how well-applicible this comic applies to literally anything.

This documentation aims to make it easier for the newbie programmer, or no background at all. Ideally, all it should take is a lot of determination, an active desire to push in learning, and most importantly, exploration and playing around. This is perfect with storyboarding, as you can serediptiously make some of the coolest effects through experimentation.

Do note this is the equivalent of an introductory class to programming, except framed in the context of storyboarding in storybrew and C#. Ideally, if you go through every lesson successfully, you should actually be able to pass such a class with ease!

Already familiar with programming fundamentals but need a primer on the C# language? This guide is also still intended for you! While you can skim through and review the conceptual portions of the text, there are particular quirks and useful miscellaneous remarks about the language or utilities within storybrew that even an experienced coder will be enjoy learning about. Think of it like, “The tips I wish I had when I first started programming”.

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