Meta Content

Meta Content

The Meta section’s intentions are to help describe the goals for’s learning center, alongside offering easily accessible resources and guidelines for those who would like to contribute in writing guides and content in the pursuit of storyboarding.


The overall goals for writing this documentation are the following:

  • To write effective documentation so that someone who is interested in storyboarding without much knowledge can quickly dive into creating storyboards
  • To provide guides and means for common effects in storyboarding to help improve the overall quality of storyboards by easing the barrier of entry
  • To help bridge the gap between storyboarding and programming, making storyboarding a fun and effective means of learning and improving programming fundamentals and interest in computer science


Contributing is easy! Our backend allows open-source contributions through Github. Updates to the documentation within occur daily. If you’d like to learn how to contribute, please check out...

Table of Contents

In this section, you will be introduced to the following:

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